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Gum disease today affects half of the adults in the United States over the age of 30. This is problematic because having healthy gums is vital when it comes to enlisting the help of certain dental treatments, including orthodontics, dental implants, bridges, and partials, teeth whitening and dental veneers. Let’s look at three of the most common problems that lead to gum disease.

Misaligned Teeth
It’s harder to clean around teeth which are crooked or overlap. Insufficient cleaning allows bacteria to prosper and plaque to proliferate. To overcome this, pay extra attention when brushing and flossing those areas, and consider investing in orthodontic treatment for a healthier smile over time.

Using tobacco regularly interferes with the healthy function of gum tissue cells. Not only will quitting this harmful habit benefit your gums, but it can reduce your odds of oral cancer as well.

Plaque is the number one contributor to gum disease. This bacterial film coats your teeth and gums daily, and if it isn’t removed daily, tends to build up and harden into deposits called tartar or calculus. Prevent plaque from taking over your smile by brushing twice each day for two minutes to remove oral debris, along with flossing daily. Routine dental cleanings support your daily efforts by removing hardened plaque around the gumline.

Maintaining healthy daily care, eating a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, and seeing your dentist twice a year can go a long way towards healthy gums and a healthier, beautiful smile. To schedule your next visit with our dentist, Dr. Rupal Patel, please call Willow Bend Dental Care in Rolling Meadows, Illinois, at 847-870-0888 today.