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If you have a tooth get knocked out of its socket, you can rest easy to know that there is still hope for it. Our dentist may be able to set it in and have it reattach. In the meantime, you can help increase its odds of survival by doing the following things.

– To hold the tooth, pick it up by the crown and not the roots. Tooth roots can be fragile, and even the act of picking them up can damage them. The crown is safe to handle though.

– To get rid of any dirt, you can rinse the tooth off with some water or even milk.

– A good way place to put it can be the socket it came from, though it may not always be possible. If you can make it go in easily and it stays there, then you can carry it in the socket. If it is being a bit stubborn, do not force it to go in, as this may only cause further problems.

– If it will not go into the socket with ease, you can instead hold it between your gums and your cheek. Placing it in a cup of milk can also help you carry it. A cup of water can also work if no milk is available.

If you can arrive within about 30 minutes of the accident, Dr. Rupal Patel can have a better chance of saving the tooth. You can find him at Willow Bend Dental Care, which is located here in Rolling Meadows, Illinois. If you ever struggle with a dental emergency, feel free to call us at 847-870-0888, as we are ready and willing to help you treat it so you can get to feeling better.