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The presence of a severe toothache and gum swelling may indicate the need for root canal treatment. Many patients are fearful of root canal procedures, but there is little cause for worry. We are here to address a few misconceptions of root canal treatment and reveal the truth of this procedure.

Many people believe root canal treatment is painful, but it actually relieves pain rather than causes it. Decades ago, some root canals were painful, but modern dental technology has significantly reduced the discomfort so that it feels much like the placement of a filling. A toothache is often caused by diseased dental tissues that is removed during the procedure.

Another myth is that root canal treatment can result in illness, but there is no evidence to support this. Root canal treatment actually eliminates bacteria in an infected tooth and prevents worsening infection that could cause further health complications.

Many people think that an effective alternative to receiving a root canal is to have the tooth removed, but it’s better to preserve the natural tooth if possible. Artificial teeth are not the same as original teeth and may restrict certain foods in your diet. Root canal treatment is often cheaper than having a tooth removed or receiving a dental bridge or implant.

Prior to root canal treatment, our dentist will explain the process and address any concerns. You are welcome to contact Willow Bend Dental Care at 847-870-0888 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Rupal Patel to schedule root canal treatment in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.